Travis Tritt drops Anheuser-Busch as Bud Light signed Dylan Mulvaney  (2023)

Country music star Travis Tritt has become the latest celebrity to blast Anheuser-Busch for working with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on a Bud Light promotion.

His decision to remove all of the products from his tour bus comes after fellow singer Kid Rock angrily shot at several cases of Bud Light.

Mulvaney, 26, announced the partnership in a series of videos posted to social media at the weekend to coincide with the NCAA March Madness tournament.

She was even given a beer can with her face printed on it to celebrate her 365 days of being a woman – something which angered the singer.

But now Tritt, 60, has joined the outrage and said that he would be removing all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour hospitality rider.

Country music's Travis Tritt, 60, announced on Twitter he would be removing Anheuser-Beusch products from his music tour's hospitality rider

It comes after backlash the company has been receiving after beer giant Bud Light celebrated polarizing Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in a new promotion

He added that there were 'many other artists' who are doing the same but were not coming forward out of fear of being 'ridiculed and canceled'.

Tritt has a combined following of 700.3k followers, compared to Mulvaneys 1.7million on Instagram alone.

He admitted that he had been on tour with Budweiser - one of the many brands under the Anheuser-Busch umbrella - in the 90s.

The multi-award-winning artist added: 'That was when Anheuser-Busch was American owned.

'A great American company that later sold out to the Europeans and became unrecognizable to the American consumer. Such a shame.'

Tritt appears to be referring to Belgian company InBev and American Anheuser-Busch agreeing to combine in 2008, with Budweiser as their flagship band.

He then took aim at Ru Paul's Drag Race and Jack Daniels, posting a picture on his social media saying:'All the Jack Daniels drinkers should take note.'

Mulvaney, who has not yet had gender-reassignment surgery, is currently on hormones to help her transition into a woman - and has been documenting her change 'into girlhood'.

Mulvaney, who identifies as a woman, announced the partnership Saturday as part of the beer company's promotional event for the NCAA March Madness tournament

Tritt also had his Wikipedia page changed, which appears to be mocking his decision to pull the products from his tour bus




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(Video) Budlight Trans Backlash GETS WORSE, Travis Tritt BOYCOTTS Busch Products, Says MANY Celebs Are Too

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Thousands of people commented on Kid Rock, 52, posting the footage online to his 1.9million combined followers, and saying 'F*** Bud Light, and f*** Anheuser-Busch. Have a terrific day.'

(Video) Bud Light Betrayal #budlightboycott

It sparked a further backlash from fans, who were already hitting out at the decision to make Mulvaney part of the brand.

PR experts previously told that the decision to change their marketing so drastically was like 'setting their loyal fanbase on fire'.

Gareth Boyd, Marketing & PR Director at Forte Analytica, says that while he can understand where the decision came from it is 'not the right way to go about it.'

Speaking to he said: 'I really cannot understand their approach for this because their core audience just cannot relate.

'Cutting your core audience in the hope you can draw a completely new audience in, who haven't been exposed before, doesn't make sense.'

Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch did not respond to a request for comment when contacted by

Several former customers filmed themselves pouring the beer away - down the sink and toilet – while others emptied their fridge of the product into bins.

But the company has stood behind the TikTok star, who has been accused of dressing in a childlike way, with more than 10 million followers, with Anheuser-Bush saying the cans were a personal gift to her.

They added that she is one of the hundreds of influencers that the company partners with.

In a statement, the spokesperson said: 'From time to time, we produce unique commemorative cans for fans and for brand influencers, like Dylan Mulvaney.'

Mulvaney has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, won allies in the White House, and is elbowing her way into the world of Hollywood celebrities.

She has been documenting her journey, explaining that she didn't get a childhood as a girl, and was exploring what that would be like before heading into 'womanhood' - despite some criticizing her choices to describe it as 'girlhood'.

Her rise among social media influencers was apparent last month when Vice President Kamala Harris wrote her an anniversary letter to celebrate her '365th day of living authentically.'

She'd already met the boss, President Joe Biden, at the White House, in October.

It comes after the controversial star signed her third deal in a week with Nike Women, causing backlash on the sports brandfollowing the Bud Light saga.

She posted videos and photos on her Instagram page in which she modelled a pair of Nike leggings and a sports bra, and tagged Nike Women while linking to the products' pages.

The controversial star signed her third deal in a week with Nike Women, causing backlash on the sports brand following the Bud Light saga

Dylan Mulvaney could earn as much as $100,000 per month pushing brands likeEOS, CeraVe and Crest, industry insiders told

Dylan Mulvaney's Paid Partnership Deals

  • Nike Women
  • Bud Light
  • Ole Henrikson
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Soda Stream
  • Mac
  • ASOS
  • Eos
  • Crest
  • Kate Spade
  • Ok Cupid
  • Svedka Vodka
  • Urban Decay
  • CeraVE
  • Native
  • Neutrogena
  • Mugler
  • Mylo
  • Amazon Prime
  • Aritzia
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Olay
  • Kind
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Maybelline
  • Motorola US

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Mulvaney made it clear that she was being paid for the sponsorships, and while it is unclear exactly how much she received insiders estimated that she could be making more than $50,000 per paid post.

Neither Mulvaney nor Nike responded to requests for comment, but they have both been facing more outrage about using a trans star to promote a women's line by feminists.

In her latest Nike posts, Mulvaney appeared in a pair of black skin-tight leggings and a white sports bra, and could be seen striking yoga poses in a sunny backyard.

A video showed her dancing about the yard in her bare feet doing mock workouts while an upbeat song played over the performance.

Many slammed the decision, asking why they did not use 'real women' for the campaign, and others said it looked like the trans influencer was mocking women – something that she has been accused of before.

But others were more positive about the change, saying: 'How can someone be this majestic and gorgeous??' or 'Girl you have no business being so god damn perfect.'

Her appearance on Ulta Beauty in October led to controversy and calls to boycott the cosmetics firm. Critics called her 'misogynistic' for 'appropriating' womanhood.

Likewise, a post about Tampax feminine hygiene products left some viewers shocked and confused. Two replied: 'Is this a joke?' She is frequently bashed for referring to the vagina as a 'Barbie pouch'.

Conservatives were again quick to slam the decision by Bud Light, with many saying that the beer maker was pushing 'gender propaganda'.

One said: 'Is anyone else confused why Bud Light put a man pretending to be a female on a can?!?!?!? They forgot who their target audience is!! Go woke, go broke.'

(Video) Cheers everyone 🍻😂

The former acting director of United States National Intelligence Richard Grenell said: 'I'm the first openly gay US Presidential Cabinet member, BudLight!

'Where's my commemorative can? Why are you only doing cans for the Democrats?! Play fair or just sell beer to Democrats…..'

She became known on TikTok for her 'days of girlhood' series, which has 10.8 million followers, in which she can be heard discussing things that she believes are 'accessible' to her as a trans woman

There was plenty of praise for Mulvaney with supporters of the transgender community saying the partnership between the two promoted diversity and inclusivity

The company has been hit with a barrage of complaints, with many customers filming themselves pouring the liquid away

Dylan Mulvaney sparked new controversy with her paid sponsorship for Nike Women

Lis Wheeler added: 'Hey BudLight, how about you send a beer to the woman who birthed 5 kids, homeschools, runs a business, doesn't sleep much or have time to put on makeup & heels as often as she'd like?

'That's a REAL woman. Not the man with eyeshadow & plastic surgery who pretends he's a woman.'

There was plenty of praise for Mulvaney with supporters of the transgender community saying the partnership between the two promoted diversity and inclusivity.

'Ok I kind of love that this is the direction Bud Light is going,' wrote one user.

'I seriously love her so much!! She gets us!' added another.

In celebration of Mulvaney's first year of being openly transgender, Bud Light sent a can with her face printed upon it

Trans woman Dylan Mulvaney modeled a pair of leggings and a sports bra for Nike in a new ad

Many hit out at Nike's decision to use Mulvaney, despite it not being the first time they have used a trans star in their marketing

(Video) Transgender Model Partners With Bud Light, Drawing Boycott From Travis Tritt, Kid Rock

'I never knew I needed to see Audrey Hepburn drink bud light. But who knew it could be better,' stated one more.

'If this is not an April Fool's Day joke, then I am SERIOUSLY excited for you to have your face on a can of… well, ANYTHING!' another supporter wrote on Instagram.

It comes after the Vice President for the company's marketing bragged about making it a 'strategic priority' to make sure women are represented.

Alissa Heinerscheid told Forbes: 'Female representation is a personal passion point of mine' before adding that they are mindful that Bud Light as a brand has been everything to everyone, and as a result, we've not been (mindful) about where it shows up.'

Several former customers filmed themselves pouring the beer away - down the sink and toilet – while others emptied their fridge of the product into bins

In one bizarre posting to TikTok, Dylan explains how she had been carrying around a selection of feminine hygiene products despite not being capable of menstruating

The company used the wife of Miles Teller, Keleigh, and the actor himself in the advert for the beer in what they dubbed a 'new era' for Bud Light.

Heinerscheid added: 'When we looked at this job to be done, attracting new drinkers, we started out with who we are and what do we stand for.

'We'd been pretty inconsistent in our messaging over the years, and we need to establish who we are and consistently message this in years to come. We're excited to see what 2023 brings.'

It is unclear if Heinerscheid herself is behind the decision to plug Mulvaney, or if it was influenced by Marcel Marcondes who is the Global Chief Marketing Officer for AB InBev – Bud Light's parent company.

The Bud Light and Nike partnerships come as Mulvaney announcing that she was working with women's designer fashion company Kate Spade.

Each time Mulvaney endorses a cosmetic, credit card or fashion brand, she earns $75,000 — and perhaps double that when posted on Instagram as well, said Assil Dayri, a social media expert and founder of AMD Consulting Group.

Mulvaney made the announcement herself on Instagram during the beer company's promotional event for the NCAA March Madness tournament

Mulvaney received a letter from the office of Vice President Kamala Harris, celebrating her '365th day of living authentically'

That adds up to as much as $1 million a year for Mulvaney, who is represented by Los Angeles-based Creative Artists Agency (CAA), according to estimates provided by industry insiders.

The University of Pittsburgh reportedly paid $26,250 for a Mulvaney speaking appearance this month, according to the campus newspaper.

She also rakes in the cash by selling pink sweaters for $54 each, in her girlhood-themed merchandise range.

In the past, Mulvaney has been accused of 'womanface' by some feminists, who claim she is play-acting the parts of a woman she enjoys, with none of the misogyny faced by females on a day-to-day basis.

She became known on TikTok for her 'days of girlhood' series, which has 10.8 million followers, in which she can be heard discussing things that she believes are 'accessible' to her as a trans woman.

They include finding love, being a performer, having a family and being a mother.

Recently, the trans poster girl revealed how her personal relationships have fallen apart, that she struggles to get a date — and is still to be kissed 'as a girl'.


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